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Andy Dalton contemplating future after one season in Dallas

Giants defensive lineman Leonard Williams accidentally stepped on Andy Dalton‘s hand in the second half. Dalton donned a glove on his left hand, which he bled through. He did not

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College football players underestimate risk of injury and concussion

College football players may underestimate their risk of injury and concussion, according to a new study published today in JAMA Network Open. Christine Baugh, Ph.D., MPH, assistant professor of medicine

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Tencent games reinstated on Huawei app store

Tencent’s online games were removed and then reinstated on Huawei’s app store on Friday in a dispute over revenue sharing by the Chinese companies. Huawei was insisting on a 50%

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Someone crammed a full-length movie onto a 1.44MB floppy disk

In the world of multimedia, bigger is almost always better. More data, higher resolutions, larger screens… these all contribute to an enhanced viewing experience. But have you ever wondered what

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Delivery driver breaks down in tears as residents line the street to thank him

At this time of year, delivery drivers should receive a huge round of applause from us all. Due to the highly unusual year, they have become some of the most

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