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After three turnovers in rapid succession, Washington increases lead to 20-14

Turnover palooza has set up a tent at Lincoln Financial Field. There were three turnovers in six plays in the fourth quarter, and the end result was three points for

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Significant disparities in telemedicine use, especially among older and POC patients

After ‘COVID-19,’ the term that most people will remember best from 2020 is likely to be ‘social distancing.’ While it most commonly applied to social gatherings with family and friends,

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In dueling New Year messages, Trump reflects while Biden looks ahead

President Donald Trump in a New Year’s Eve message reflected on his accomplishments in office, calling them “historic victories,” while his successor, President-elect Joe Biden, struck an upbeat tone in

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This 25-inch E Ink monitor is easy on the eyes

If you’re one of the many people whose job involves staring at a monitor for eight hours or more every day, you might wish for something easier on the eyes.

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Oncologist erases medical debt for nearly 200 of his patients

An Arkansas oncologist decided to give nearly 200 patients a Christmas gift that he hoped would make their lives “a little bit easier”: erasing their more than half a million

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