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After a 45-0 loss to the Patriots, it became clear that the Chargers would make no decisions about the future of fourth-year coach Anthony Lynn until the season ended. So the season has now ended, and the Chargers will make a decision about Lynn.

At this point, it’s not known by many/any outside the organization what the Chargers will decide to do. They’ve managed to keep their cards very close to the vest, resulting in little clarity regarding Lynn’s future.

They respect Lynn immensely; that’s one of the reasons why nothing is being leaked. There’s also a chance that they are wary of the potential impact of a coaching change on a young quarterback, along with the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t dynamic.

Working in Lynn’s favor is the fact that, after the low-water mark against New England, the Chargers won their final four games, finishing 7-9.